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4 & 20 Blackbirds

Bad Billy’s Blades

Bristow Iron Works

Bristow IronworksIron monger and homesteading goods. We are Upper Canadian Sutlers that specialize in selling of cast iron and other sundries. We take great pride in providing only the best quality castings found today made here in Upper Canada. If you’ve never cooked in a cast iron container we recommend that you try. It is a non-stick pan when properly used and seasoned. The taste just can’t be beat. Its serviceable lifetime will commonly exceed several generations becoming a valuable, family heirloom.

Coghlin and Upton Inc.

Coghlin & Upton Inc.Coghlin and Upton Inc. offers fine quality Military Accoutrements & Historical Supplies for all time periods including the modern military, police and fire services. Offering a wide range of products including swords, sashes, buttons, custom leather belting, metal hardware, edged weapons and epaulettes. Coghlin and Upton will be on site during Wasaga under Siege with a large number of goods and wares being offered for sale to re-enactors and the public.

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Elegant Thimble

Faire Tyme Toys

Frontier Popcorn Company

Glen Farms Past Times

Glen Farms Past TimesGlen Farms Past Times, Canada’s Finest Small Batch Jams and Preserves, Our Marmalades are taste tested by the fussiest Scots we could find, Preserving Cottage Industry Since 1985.

Historical Twist

Historical Twist has been providing historical product, services and rentals to the military, museum, academia, film industry and the enthusiast for over half a century.

All product is made and produced to our exacting standards or hand-made by our team as it would have been over 200 years ago.

No job is too small for us nd we invite you to call us to inquire about your project, whether an accurate representation of an historical event or something more fantastical such as a real-metal laced steampunk jacket.

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Kind Fibers

Len the Cooper

Linda’s Early Fashions

Lone Wolf Trading Post

Mistress Miller Seamstress

Nith River Soapworks

Park House Tinsmith

Park House TinsmithsSince 1978, the Park House Tinsmith has been providing goods for historic sites and museums across Canada, USA and UK. All items are handcrafted using 19th century tools and original patterns. Our tinware is made at the Park House Museum located in Amherstburg Ontario. Our tinsmiths are volunteers that are trained in the early craft; all proceeds from the tinware support the museum’s programming, conservation and preservation. A catalogue of our most popular items can be found at

Sutler Cyrus- Toy Wooden Guns & Games

Sutler Cyrus - Toy Wooden Guns & GamesSutler Cyrus offers arms, ammunition and headwear for all junior gentlemen adventurers, pioneers and plainsmen, and other items and curiosities, of great interest and at extremely reasonable prices. Be sure to take home some Cartridge Candy, the official candy of the War of 1812

Play “Barn Door Broadside” or “Shoot the Ship”! Using either a toy musket or cannon, visitors are offered the opportunity to win prizes for their skill. Hit or miss, everybody wins playing these interactive games!

It’s Rootin’, Tootin’, Shootin’ Fun! Jeff Wakefield (Sutler Cyrus) brings more than merchandise to an event. He brings entertainment and education that makes history fun

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