Seamanship Challenge

On June 1st, 1813, HMS Shannon under Capt. Philip Broke and USS Chesapeake under Capt. James Lawrence met off Boston Harbour in a bloody fifteen minute battle that ended when Shannon took Chesapeake as a prize.

Shannon’s boatswain, William Stevens and another seaman lashed the two ships together allowing Capt. Broke to take a boarding party aboard Chesapeake thereby securing victory.  Stevens was struck in the left arm by grapeshot and received a musket ball in the hip.  He succumbed to his injuries twenty days later in Halifax.

The Seamanship Challenge provides naval re-enactors the opportunity to display their skills in a friendly competition amongst their peers.  The challenge will encompass ropework, heaving line, flag hoist, and nautical knowledge.  At the end of the challenge, the ship’s company with the greatest amount of points will receive the William Stevens Award.

The Seamanship Challenge will take place the morning of 11 August 2019, at Discovery Harbour during the Grand Tactical.

“Ourselves, our shipmates, our ships!”

Arrr Ye ready, yah limeys? Put your ‘X’ here!